Who We Are

The Afghanistan Blind Women and Children Foundation is a 503c established in August of 2009 with the purpose of enhancing the lives of Blind Women and Children in Afghanistan who are suffering from a lack of adequate health and educational services.

The mission of the Afghanistan Blind Women and Children Foundation is:

“To serve and empower severely underserved blind women and children in Afghanistan. The foundation will provide blind women with psychosocial and medical support for essential health and well-being by working with existing groups to expand and offer gratis services in a safe environment. Additionally the foundation will promote the opportunity for blind children and youth to receive an education in literature, science, computers and technology through the high school level. Rehabilitation and evaluation services will be offered to prepare them for higher education and entry into the workforce."


The work of the Afghanistan Blind Women and Children Foundation includes the following:

  • Work with Achilles International in their Afghanistan Project which brings over recently blinded Afghani women to the United States to receive free corneal transplants for vision restoration.
  • Identify blind women in Afghanistan that are in need of health services and work with local Afghani hospitals and clinics to provide crucial medical treatment and psychosocial services to these women at no cost and in a safe environment.
  • Fund publishing of Braille textbooks as well as deliver educational supplies for blind students in Afghanistan that they would otherwise not have access to, which include computers, software for the visually impaired, Braille paper, and other forms of technology related to blindness.
  • Train teachers at blind schools in how to best instruct blind students using tactile systems and computers with blind-related software as well as offering evaluation and rehabilitation services to the students.


Why we do it

The ABWC was founded by its President Nooria  Nodrat, an Afghani Blind woman who knows firsthand the struggles of both blind women and blind children in her native country:

  • Afghanistan has one of the highest blind populations in the world, as there are over 400,000 blind individuals (1.5-2% of the population)
  • With over 30 years of war and political unrest, Afghanistan remains one of the poorest countries in the world.
  • Throughout the country, most blind women and blind children lack access to proper medical and educational services.  

With your contribution and support of the ABWC, the gift of quality of life will be bestowed upon this underserved and often overlooked group of human beings.